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Our Commitment to Cleanliness

At the heart of the Niobrara Lodge is a genuine concern for our guests. Our primary commitment has always been to provide a safe and comfortable environment for Midwest travelers to tackle their next adventure.

We understand that the needs of our guests have significantly shifted since the start of the Covid-19 era, to which we have responded proactively.

We also understand there are many who are hesitant to travel under the current circumstances.

We do not wish to persuade anyone of a decision, but rather to instill confidence in those who are uncertain regarding their decision to travel.

Although, in complete lightheartedness, we’d like to remind you that there may be no better place to social distance than in the “Middle of Nowhere.”

Alright, that’s the only hint of persuasion you’ll find here.

Without further fanfare, allow us to detail our “Niobrara Clean” program: an initiative to keep our guests healthy during their stays at the Lodge.

  • High-Touch Double Clean
    Two is better than one. For all highly touched areas inside of and outside of a guest’s room, our housekeeping staff thoroughly sanitizes surfaces — twice.
  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectants
    Our powerful disinfectants exceed the standards set by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These chemicals are safely used inside hospitals to destroy viruses like SARS-CoV-2, which is known to cause Covid-19.
  • Electrostatic Sanitization
    To ensure no spot is missed, we’ve incorporated electrostatic spray surface cleaning. This process sprays electrically-charged disinfectant particles that aggressively cling to surfaces in, around, above, below, between, and throughout our property.
  • Removal of Select Room Items
    Rooms are stocked with all the essentials — but only the essentials. In keeping with the reduction of touchpoints, we’ve removed unnecessary items from hotel rooms.
  • Constant Cleaning of Common Areas
    Outside of guest rooms, all high-traffic areas around our property are consistently and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Team Member Precautions
    We aim to keep our team members safe, which in turn helps keep our guests safe. By monitoring temperatures and wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), our hotel staff seeks to protect guests from any viral transmissions.

Each of these measures has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted in consideration of the resources made available to us through the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA).

While our priority remains the health and safety of our guests and staff, we also strive to provide exceptional comfort and service during this time. We believe health to be a mixture of physical and mental well-being, among others. The latter is often neglected in the Covid-19 era as a consequence of drastic measures to protect the former.

At the Niobrara Lodge, we’re here to preserve both.

Should you have any concerns or requests for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Front Desk. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.