Nature and Outdoors


It has been said that where some parts of the world scream beauty, the sand hills whisper it. Whether you’ve lived in this amazing land for your entire life, or you’re just beginning your adventure, you’ll find plenty to explore in the quiet, sublime outdoors here in Valentine.


Hailed one of the country’s ‘most diverse ecosystems’ by the New York Times, the sandhills of Nebraska boast some incredible waterfalls, streams, and rivers to complement the expansive plains. Smith Falls State Park is a must-stop and features Nebraska’s largest waterfall at over 70 feet. Other can’t-miss stops are the Ft Niobrara Wildlife Refuge,  Valentine National Wildlife Refuge,  McKelvie National Forest,  Snake Falls, and Niobrara Valley Preserve

Parks & Landmarks

The sandhills are full of spectacular views, lakes, rivers, and even a hand-planted national forest. Parks, landmarks, preserves, and refuges are numerous and abundant throughout the area. The McKelvie National Forest,  Niobrara Valley Preserve,  Smith Falls State Park,  Ft Niobrara Wildlife Refuge,  Valentine National Wildlife Refuge,  Cowboy Trail,  and even Valentine’s City Park are all worth a visit. 

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